Future Board

FutureBoard is a community of executives interested in Board appointments and  Advisory roles. We look beyond the now and work with individuals who are thinking about their future career path beyond that of MD, CEO or C-suite. We also work with seasoned advisors to build on and complement their existing Board portfolio.

We advise and support executives on understanding various career options and opportunities and how to prepare for the next chapter in their executive journey.  

Our experienced team of Directors understand, getting the first board role is not easy. Before accepting an INED or NED board role there are a number of factors to consider before taking on what could be an exciting challenge. Do your due diligence on the company to understand the nature of the role,  expectations on commitment level and consider any conflicts and legal implications that may leave you exposed.

If you are thinking about Board roles and building a board portfolio career. HamptonTCI can work with you to help understand how to prepare for the next adventure. 

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