Consumer & Retail
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Consumer & Retail

The Consumer and Retail sectors are constantly evolving, driven by tech and consumer behaviours.  A strong leader will embrace technology and hire the right people to futureproof companies

The global retail environment is in constant flux, each region has its own challenges.

Sustainability, is a major topic in the consumer and retail sector asshareholders and C-suite are measured on their ESG achievements and consumer purchasing decisions are increasing influenced by companies that prioritise sustainability. Withpublicly listed companies mandated to submitting annual ESG performance reports this is a practice that retailers are implementing across all their business operating verticals.    

Ecommerce growth has been driven by mobile payment adoption, emerging technology, AI; supplemented with experiential, gamified consumer experiences. Bricks and mortar presence for some brands is still extremely valuable but the consumer and retail landscape is ever changing. Manufacturers and retailers create value when they have end to end value chains offering convenience with strong logistical backbone with user-friendly consumer tech at the same time balance digital investments with the balance sheet.

Business Leaders, Boards and Executive Teams will have to stay nimble as the retail model continues to evolve. New jobs and partnerships will be created, and existing roles will evolve with new tech and automation.

At HamptonTCI we work in partnership with consumer companies, advising clients on recruiting and consulting leaders on delivering key objectives in this competitive marketplace and focus on:

  • Luxury

  • Retail

  • FMCG   

  • Sourcing and Distribution

  • Media and Marketing

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