Innovation in Education is only possible by hiring the right leaders who can connect and inspire new perspectives among the institutions and academic community.  

Private Equity and Venture Capital have invested into the Education space, a sector ripe for investment with major shifts a result from new technological integrations; digitized content; which can change the role of a teacher to act as a facilitator of utilizing resources rather than a producer of educational content.

We work with private owners and PE who are embracing technology to stay ahead of the competition investing in gamification learning expertise, digital education, edtech and building international private schools globally. There is still a healthy demand for international Chinese owned private schools in China with partnerships and JVs with well-respected brands as parents groom their children to become global citizens. 

We care deeply how the next future leaders start their learning and work with businesses which create alternative leading educational products or centres that can facilitate and offer a platform for young minds to be challenged and inspired.

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