Succession Planning

HamptonTCI helps companies forward think and plan by recruiting exceptional people and prepare them for advancement into increasingly challenging roles; future-proofing companies by mapping and qualifying future leaders.

We work with Private Equity, Business Owners, Boards and CEOs to:

  • Identify and attract high potential talent in the market and bench mark against internal talent

  • Co-ordinate and execute dynamic succession plans

  • Cultivate high potential C-suite leaders to drive innovation and strategy

We work closely with clients to establish and assess the internal and external talent pool to manage the succession planning strategy to mitigate risk and ​drive a seamless transition process with changes in leadership.

Family Business Succession transition

Succession planning for family businesses can be more stressful due to the pressures of often complex relationships and family dynamics. There are many considerations when appointing the right stakeholder and equally as many important factors to ensure the new successor can succeed in a new role. With a new leader in place, they will need support with moving the business towards a new phase to over come challenges and to navigate the new family business set up in the evolving business environment. The Transition is an important one that requires careful, thought strategy to ensure the family business can thrive generation after generation.