Growth Advisory

Growth Businesses

The innovation from growth companies makes a key contribution to the global economy. When entrepreneurs, founders, and seasoned business professionals commit to ideas and work together towards a common purpose, game-changing world classes businesses are made. Our understanding of the China market is a key topic for our clients and we are able to ​share insights and to support client growth into this diverse and high potential market.​

HamptonTCI has an Extensive Network of Growth Professionals

Growth businesses are not just for founders and entrepreneurs or those who enjoy the challenges of building businesses from scratch. There is a growing interest from professional executives looking at growth businesses which offer opportunities to take on a wider more entrepreneurial role in the next stages in their career path.

Professional executives from large multinationals can play an important role in providing leadership, advice as well as market knowledge expertise. Growth businesses work with us to tap into our extensive network and precision in identifying the right people with expertise focused on people leadership, fundraising, industry expertise, and board formation.​

HamptonTCI works with companies to provide solutions around: 

  • Transform leaders and workforce 

  • Digital transformation

  • New market entry

  • Brand collaboration

  • Asia China