Transforming businesses by introducing tech expertise to  Boards ​and leadership teams who can work together to build sustainable companies.

Technology continues to disrupt businesses; many major players have decided that the best way to compete with start-ups is to set up venture arms to help them think and operate differently. High grow well-funded startups attract the Gen Z talent pool and reshape the workplace environment which has been adopted by more serious firms.

Tech companies are providing better solutions, applications and products that change the way we work live and play. Apple, Tencent, Microsoft are just a few examples of leading global tech firms, but technology is driving transformation across all industries. We work with a broad range of clients who are looking for CPO, MDs VPs to lead companies that need support to drive change in:

  • Ecommerce and Digital
  • Retail Tech
  • Telematics
  • Mobile
  • EdTech
  • Data insights and analytics
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