Transforming businesses by introducing tech expertise to  Boards ​and leadership teams who can work together to build sustainable companies.

Technology continues to disrupt businesses; the challenge many businesses face today is building the digital growth strategy, integration and adoption. This can be a costing and time consuming process, however, not innovating can come at an even higher cost. This is a growth sector, many well-funded tech companies exist with an interested and active investor pool.  Some corporate companies have set up venture arms or bought out tech start-ups, investing in related future tech  or buy out future competition. With a high demand for talent, hiring tech talent can be a challenge. This is a competitive space with companies paying high salaries even for talent with limited experience. Leadership marketing to attract and retain talent pool is key within this sector.

Tech companies are providing better solutions, applications and products that change the way we work live and play. Apple, Tencent, Microsoft are just a few examples of leading global tech firms, but technology is driving transformation across all industries. We work with a broad range of clients who look for leadership talented including: CTO, CPO, MDs VPs to lead companies that need support to drive change in:

  • Retail Tech

  • Telematics

  • Mobile

  • EdTech

  • Fintech

  • Web3

  • Climate Tech

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