Human Resources

Effective Human Capital Leaders are strategic and have the ability to transform an organisation by understanding how to deal with complexity and align stakeholders across executive leadership teams.

CEOs increasingly recognise the importance of CHROs in a time of disruption and transformation to stay ahead of the competition.

C-suite teams, in particular CEOs, understand the real value of the Human Resources function. The right HR leaders with strong business acumen, strategic and financially savvy minds and operators capable of managing the human capital needs to ensure that business can retain, attract and develop people; to drive the business needs of today and the future. Companies undergoing transformation with the help of strong HR leaders to navigate change can significantly impact positive results in business performance and improvements such as better employee engagement, increase in morale, sales and productivity. To have a competitive advantage, companies must work harder with HR leaders to execute agile work processes, review and implement better work structures that make the best use of internal expertise and skills; supported by data analytic tools to assess performance and understand organisational gaps.

Modern professional organisations have benefited from transforming their HR function, providing a stronger platform for the HR team to be present and support across all business functions interlocking strategy with execution.  Chief Happiness Officer, People Operations Manager and VP of People job titles which may be the norm in start-ups, have also been adopted by larger and listed companies globally; this change helps businesses to compete with other companies for the same innovative talent.

Working closely with HR leaders, HamptonTCI understands we are in the intersection of change, macro and micro influences which have led to disruption and to a changing workforce bring new challenges to the HR leaders which include:

  • Global Talent Shortage of CEOs
  • Disruptive Technology and use of big data
  • The rise of freelance workforce
  • Global workforce with an increasingly complex operation
  • Brand new job roles with limited supply of expertise   

We are seeing a growing number of HR Talent with deep knowledge and insights who continually support business leaders, senior management teams and boards who lean on their support and expertise when making commercial decisions. HR leaders who continue to navigate complexity while building a culture with positive impact across the company and beyond, HR leaders appointed board roles and more demand for talented CHROs globally in future.   


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