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The fourth revolution continues to bring significant transformation and new challenges to the Industrial sectors.

The Internet of things (IOT), smart technologies continue to improve and streamline manufacturing processes from the production line to logistic networks. China continues to thrive as a powerhouse for global manufacturing with their ability to deliver high volume,  quality products supported by a strong business ecosystem of suppliers, components and a large productive work force; still key to running current production processes. Large corporations have moved some parts of their manufacturing to South East Asia, parts of Western Europe and India but they are still heavily reliant on China manufacturing. China may lose its edge in some labour-intensive sectors but investing heavily on domestic tech manufacturing innovations, China will be able to compete with the EU, Germany and United States as a higher-tech, higher-value manufacturer.  

The digitisation of manufacturing and supply chain processes is beginning to impact human capital, we work with global CEOs and senior executives leaders through transformation to identify manufacturing, supply chain and logistic talent. Working with companies to pipeline talent who have the mind set and leadership capabilities to  navigate major shifts. The impact of technology require new business models and different skill sets from leadership and their teams. Logistics is an industry largely based on relationships, which will be hard to automate but technology software tools will become better to reduce inefficiencies. Market data will continue to share the future to allow more automation and machine learning. HamptonTCI is well positions to prepare our clients for the future, looking at the talent pool from other commercial sector and disciplines as there is a shortage of talent in this space.

At HamptonTCI we work with our clients across the Industrial sectors to provide insight and support across the new emerging manufacturing, supply chain and logistic paradigms.

We work with clients across:

  • Manufacturing

  • Industrial Products

  • Supply Chain

  • Logistics and Transport Services

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