Building power teams of today for tomorrow

With a strong delivery track record, our clients also come to us looking for support in hiring middle management talent.  We have built an in-house solution to support clients with middle level hiring needs. As anchors and operators these  managers are critical support for power teams and have the potential to become future leaders.

We support clients with the planning and talent mapping process to understand how to attract and retain talent across the Asia Pacific region.  The HamptonTCI team are experiened in sourcing functional leaders and mangers in: Sales, Marketing, HR, Operations, Technology, Real Estate and Finance.   

A large part of our work includes working with clients to understand the China market; we provide support from strategy, hiring to payroll services. China can be a lucrative market for companies but it operates very differently to the European and US markets, with different rules. We work with clients to help navigate strategy and solutions to help companies reach the China consumer to find the best solution to growth in this market.